On April 25, industry tech leaders are gathering in Atlanta at Techlatino, a conference where emerging Hispanic tech leadership discuss innovations of today. The conference program will feature roundtable discussions on technology trends and advancements, recognition of latino leadership, and a panel on cyber security.

The contributions of Latinos in the nation’s top companies are inspiring.  They bring strong leadership and insights from their diverse backgrounds to their positions.  Below are just a few of the leaders that have changed the way we work, live and learn.

Luis Vohn Ahn, CEO & Co-founder Duo-lingo 

Duolingo is a popular language learning app that uses crowdsourcing to develop its language courses.  It was developed by Luis Vohn Ahn, a professor at Carnegie Melon, and leader in the Hispanic community. Luis Vohn Ahn was inspired by his upbringing in Guatemala, a poor country with limited educational opportunities. He wanted to bring free language learning opportunities because he knew this was important to many attempting to escape poverty. 1


Guillermo Diaz, Jr. CIO and Senior Vice President at Cisco

Guillermo, also known as “G”, joined CISCO in 2000 and has been driving innovation there ever since.  Guillermo exemplifies strong leadership in the Hispanic community. When interviewed by Hispanic Executive, Guillermo explained why he believes in diversity in business when he said “It is critical to our business to have diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We are building a diverse leadership team under our new CEO, Chuck Robbins, and in our hiring pipeline. Because the world is rapidly becoming digital, we need diverse thinking and skills so that we can disrupt; not get disrupted. “ 2


Tim Campos, Entrepreneur and Former CIO of Facebook

Tim Campos, of Dominican descent but born in Denver, spent 6 years as CIO of Facebook. Under his leadership the company experienced incredible growth. Now, Tim is working on a new project he says is “building next generation enterprise software that helps to re-imagine how work is done”.3  In a 2011 interview with Business Weekly Tim spoke about the relationship between IT and business. He said that “I learned that IT is more business-focused than engineering. IT is not just how to make technology work, but how to do it to produce a business result and how to translate business into technical strategy.”4


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