Is your business in a state of stuck-ness? Almost all businesses reach a static phase, at some point, for one reason or another. So, can you shake up the status quo and take your business to the next level? Certainly. But not by doing the same old things because they have always been done.

Consider the following ideas for injecting new life into your business to take it to the next level.

Generate Aha Experiences for Customers

Do you know what distinguishes your business from your competitors? Would it shock you to know that great products at reasonable prices are secondary to successful attainment of a healthy bottom line?

At the end of the day, you are in the people business. Put your attention and efforts on generating Aha experiences for your customers and watch your business spiral to new heights.

In top companies, employees connect with customers with a positive attitude. Employee engagement is all about actively listening to customers and treating them with a personal touch that reflects, we appreciate you and your business.

Customer Service is king. When there is a problem, resolve it to the customer’s satisfaction. Top notch customer service staff portray a positive attitude and handle customer concerns quickly and efficiently.

Incorporate these time-tested techniques in your business and you will provide Aha experiences that get your customers talking up your business to their friends. Word-of-mouth advertising can’t be bought. When you’ve got it, you will obviously distinguish your business from your competitors.

Branding your Business

Branding your business is second only to marketing. Your brand is your vision for your company. Consider researching branding techniques of corporate giants, i.e. Coca-Cola (it’s the real thing), McDonald’s (big Mac’s with secret sauce available globally).

Keep your brand simple. Give your target audience something to remember and associate only with your business. Most important – stay within your integrity. Don’t promise the moon and stars in a silver package with a glittery bow. Be amazing.

Groom the Right People for Management

Business owners can’t be expected to know everything. That’s why they hire quality staff with the experience and expertise to help them take their business to the next level. Let junior level employees take care of day-to-day business and groom your senior employees for management duties.

No doubt it’s not easy to delegate tasks you could do better. Alternatively, you can’t grow your business if you’re still writing paychecks by hand. With good employees to depend upon, you can focus on getting out and about visiting clients, attracting new business and looking for new product lines that help boost your business to the next level and the next.

Create a Marketing Edge

Are you aware that ineffective marketing is frequently the main factor that stunts the growth of your business? Here again, you may be the guru of your product line/services, but marketing is the essence of your business.

Online marketing can add a new paradigm to promote your products/services. Content marketing is virtually an untapped gold mine. Remember content marketing is not about selling per se. Start a company blog and consistently publish articles that show people advantages of using your product, along with spin-offs.

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