Home ownership is often thought of as one of the singular goals of the American Dream. The National Association of Home Builders has dedicated itself to contributions towards this dream and advancing the housing industry.  This year, the NAHB is celebrating its 75th anniversary.  The association, which is headquartered in Washington D.C., has over 140,000 members that work in fields tied to the home building industry.  A gala was held earlier this month to commemorate this milestone and several members of congress expressed their congratulations to NAHB and appreciation of industry.


The History of NAHB

The NAHB formed in 1942 when the Association of Home Builders of the United States and The National Home Builders Association merged.1 Two years later they held the first International Builders show, which would eventually grow to become one of the largest conventions in North America.2 Today, the NAHB is one of the largest trade associations  in the United States, based on 2011 annual budgets.3


The Importance of the Housing Industry

The housing industry is vital to the health of our economy. Here are some key facts on the economic impact of the industry:

· Housing contributes 15-18% of GDP on average. 4

· Building 1,000 single family homes generates an average of  2,970 full-time jobs 5

· Those 2,970 people employed will earn $162 million in wages 5


The New American Home Means Green Building

Thanks to the NAHB, the American home has come a long way.  In order to demonstrate the advancements in homebuilding the NAHB showcased a “New American Home” in a show home that features the latest green, energy efficient, and sustainable products for home building. They also provide resources to guide home builders on sustainability.

Green building is important because it reduces the impact on our environment, uses fewer natural resources, and improves quality of life.


The Future of Home Building

Modern Business is closely watching the future advancements in home building.  If your company has contributed towards advancements in home building or sustainable products, Modern Business would love to hear from you. Contact us at modernbusiness.com.


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