Modern Business TV has always been passionate about seeking out today’s business leaders and sharing their wisdom with today’s entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Bringing inspiring stories, insights, and compelling business tactics, is all part of the DNA that makes up Modern Business TV.

In 2018, we’re proud to announce a very special addition to our team.

Mike Ditka will join us as our newest host, bringing with him a wealth of broadcasting experience, and plenty of success in the business world.

Mike’s Come a Long Way from the Football Locker Room

Throughout life, Mike has always been a high achiever. His football talents became apparent when he attended Aliquippa High School, and he continued to follow this passion through college and all the way to the NFL. Making it to the top of the sport is an achievement in itself, but Mike Ditka didn’t stop there. He was part of the Super Bowl VI winning team with the 1963 Bears, and he would later lead the Bears to a win in Super Bowl XX, as head coach. He has received numerous awards throughout his playing and coaching career, and is widely considered one of the most successful players/coaches of all time.

Not one to rest on his success, Mike is always up for a new challenge, and this is evident with the personal and business ventures that he has been involved in over the years. Mike has been an inspiring figure in the world of sport and he has been directly involved in numerous successful video games. Throughout the ’90s he was featured in Accolade’s Mike Ditka’s Ultimate Football Challenge video game, as well as Mike Ditka Power Football that was released on the Sega Mega Drive Console. His Quarterback Attack with Mike Ditka game was released on the Sega Saturn, PC, and 3DO, and is still available today on the Apple Store and Google Play store.

We’ve seen Mike guest spot on TV shows like Cheers and 3rd Rock from the Sun, and he has featured in advertisements for Montgomery Ward and McDonalds.

Mike Ditka’s Business Ventures Show His Leadership and Organizational Skills

There are few celebrities that have successful business portfolios like Mike Ditka. Mike has been a sports team co-owner, he has produced his own wines with Terlato Wines, and he even released his own line of gourmet sausages with Vienna Beef.

Mike’s business ventures even expanded to make him a restauranteur and resort owner. Ditka’s restaurants are found in Illinois, Pennysylvania, and Arizona. Two resorts in Orlando, Florida bear his name, further illustrating his versatility as a businessman and his drive to involve himself in successful ventures that go far beyond the locker room.

A Lifetime of Experience Brings Leadership and Business Insights to You

Nobody is more qualified than Mike Ditka to bring key insights and strategies for success. We’re looking forward to what Mike can share with you over the coming year, further strengthening Modern Business TVas a leader in business insights for the next wave of successful entrepreneurs.