To date, there is in excess of 1 billion people that own and utilize smartphone devices. When considering this fact, it is not at all surprising that manufacturers, engineers, and coders are working consistently to optimize mobile technology. In fact, innovation among these devices is accelerating at – what most consider – to be a record pace. The next wave of mobile solutions is sure to be astonishing. In this article, we will expound on a variety of innovations in mobile technology that we should anticipate to either experience growth or to be developed. Whether you are a CEO of a major corporation, rely on mobile technology to perform your work, or are a personal user that appreciates the connectivity and convenience of mobile technology, you are sure to appreciate these amazing and innovative changes expected to positively impact the mobile movement and environment.
1. Wireless Charging Capabilities
When it comes to innovation in mobile technology, wireless charging ranks at the top of the list for things to watch for. Most individuals are still battling in-house charging systems and vehicle charging devices that consists of wires, cables, and bulky adapters; however, this is soon to change. In fact, there are phones currently on the market that have wireless charging capabilities. One example of the LG Nexus 4. As time progresses, these powering capabilities are sure to become the “norm”.
2. Increased Battery Life
While we are on the topic of charging, let’s review battery life. Currently, the batteries on most mobile devices lose their charge quickly due to the immense capabilities associated with the devices; however, innovations in the mobile technology sector are now being expanded in such a way that longer-lasting batteries are being developed. Leydon is attempting to utilize electrolyte materials to enhance battery life. Other conductors of power – such as silicon and tin – are also being experimented with. The goal is to create a long-lasting battery that charges quickly and lasts for – at least – a full day for power users of mobile devices.
3. Contextual Intelligence Bots
Currently, we dub smartphones “smart” because of the immense capabilities that may be integrated and utilized through an assortment of apps and programs; however, as time and technology advances, mobile technology is expected to incorporate contextual intelligence bots. Essentially, this means that the devices will truly have a certain degree of quantifiable “smarts” about them. For example, the devices will be able to make informed decisions on your behalf based on your location and the conditions that exist within your environment. Furthermore, they will be able to observe your activities in order to open up new possibilities for you. Come to think of it, this form of mobile technology has actually already emerged – to some degree. Now, you should expect to see advancements in this area.
As you can see, mobile technology and innovation in the industry is always on the tipping point of an immense breakthrough. In a world driven by the desire for instant gratification and nearly complete dependency upon electronics, we are sure to observe many new changes with mobile technology. In addition to those that have been outlined in this guide, we should also expect to see unbreakable phones, shatter-proof screens, cameras that have the unique ability to sense depth, and even highly-advanced moves such as augmented reality, the ability to utilize multiple screens at once, and the integration of infrared support and programs. To learn more about mobile technology, electronic innovation, and other topics that are relevant to the modern business world, be sure to bookmark our blog today at: