Modern Business is excited to announce a feature in the high-end, large-format international magazine, Livein. The magazine, published in both English and Italian, included a cover story about Kevin Harrington and his collaboration with Modern Business in the May 2017 edition. Kevin, who is one of the original sharks on Shark Tank, and the founder of As Seen on TV, is searching for businesses to feature on his new Modern Business TV show.

Kevin Harrington on Modern Business
In the magazine article Kevin spoke about the high-quality video content produced by Modern Business and his goal to create engaging digital content for today’s modern business owners. He is quoted as saying “Modern Business will offer companies massive exposure and provide the highest quality video content for television that can be repurposed for internet content.” He also stressed the importance of creating an emotional connection with customers in today’s age of information overload.

Modern Business will feature topics such as manufacturing, energy independence, advances in modern technology, healthcare, and sustainable living. The segments will air nationally on Fox Business Network, and internationally on Bloomberg Television. Companies featured will be those making an impact in their industry and community. The segments are filmed on-location and/or in ourstate-of-the-art production studio in South Florida,by a top-notch award winning production crew.

Put a Shark in Your Tank
In other exciting news, Kevin Harrington has also recently published a book titled “Put a Shark in Your Tank” as referenced in the article title. The book delves in to Kevin’s 40+ years of business experience and the valuable insights he gained along the way. One reviewer on Amazon claimed he had saved $600 in one day by reading just one chapter in the book. It’s a must-have for any entrepreneur looking for expert tips and guidance to help grow their business.

Final Thoughts
Kevin Harrington has a track-record of success in global business and can help take your business to the next level.
If your business has a story you’d like featured on Modern Business, contact us at for consideration.