Wind Energy is one of the fasted growing renewable energy sources. Wind powered energy now
accounts for 41% of new energy in the United States. 1 A study by the United States Department of
Energy predicted that by 2030 wind could supply 20% of the nation’s energy and up to 35% by 2050. 2
Investors are increasingly seeing wind as a vital piece of their mainstream energy portfolio mix and
advances in technology are continuing to drive wind energy forward.

Fortune 500 Companies Take Note
If you eat an M&M or drink a Budweiser, you are eating something that likely was produced by wind
power! This year Anheuser Bush and parent company Mars announced the purchase of wind energy to
meet half of their energy needs. And they aren’t alone in their belief in the importance of clean energy,
Apple recently chose the location of a data center based on access to wind energy.

The Pioneers of Wind Energy
Emergya Wind Technologies, a Dutch company featured on Modern Business TV with Kevin Harrington,
was selected as a New Energy Pioneer by Bloomberg. According to Bloomberg they have revolutionized
the industry through localized distributed energy. Distributed energy, or DERs, is the concept of
decentralizing energy sources. In a DER, sources of energy are typically located closer to the area they
serve. Emergya are the leader in turbine supplier for localized energy generation worldwide. Several
weeks ago, they installed their first wind turbine in Italy and will be expanding renewable energy
resources in that region.

Another innovator in the industry is Romo Wind. The swiss company developed technology that
measures the speed of wind, improving turbine performance. The new iSpin technology results in
shorter downtime and maintenance and higher yields.

These companies are providing not only much needed clean energy sources across the globe, but new
job growth across the globe.

Wind Powered Jobs
Not only is wind power one of the fastest growing energy sources but the industry boasts the single
fastest growing occupation in America, wind turbine technician. 25,000 new jobs were added in this
field last year. Jobs in the Wind Energy sector are only predicted to increase exponentially in the

The Advantages of Wind Power
Wind Power is a clean fuel source, it’s fuel is inexhaustible, sustainable and cost-effective. Wind power
also means less greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. It also diversifies the nation’s energy portfolio,
reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Additionally, wind powered projects have the added benefit to contributing to the economic prosperity
of rural and farm communities. Wind can bring stabilizing income to farmers who allow wind projects to
take place on their land. The addition of wind power projects also contributes more diverse job opportunities.

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