Technology is emerging that can assist nutritionists with limiting the time and resources needed for nutritional planning.  In the past, nutritionists had to chart their notes on paper and calculate values by hand. Today, this has been replaced by electronic medical records. Companies are using data and new technology to their advantage and providing more sophisticated results. Below are some of the most exciting developments in the field of food technology!


Emerging Innovations in Nutritional Assessments

California based companies Zipongo and 23andMe are at the forefront of using data to enhance nutritional decision making. 23 and me is currently the only direct to consumer company that is approved by the FDA for genetic screening. They have combined efforts to provide nutritional suggestions that take in to account a person’s genetic makeup and predispositions.


3D Printing

You probably have heard of three-dimensional printing, but what you may not have heard of is recent innovation in their ability to print food. Printers have been developed that are capable of creating complicated dishes such as pastas and elaborate cake decorations.

One of those most exciting prospects of 3D food printing is its ability to create more nutritious food. Theoretically, it could print items customized to your individual nutrition and calorie needs. [1]


Biotechnology and Agriculture

While there is no more controversial topic than genetic modification of food, we would be remiss not to acknowledge its impact on modern nutrition. Many have moral and ethical objections to it on the basis of it upsetting the earth’s natural balance. That said, others argue the benefits, such as modifications that increase a crop’s nutritional value and higher quality crops.


What’s Next in Food and Technology

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