Making the Most of a Television Interview to Market Your Brand and Business

Having the opportunity to market your business on television can provide you with excellent brand exposure, but it can be a daunting process and one that you’ll need to get right to make the most of it. With some simple steps, you can make the most of an exciting opportunity to kick start a video branding campaign, and like countless other modern businesses you could see significant growth in customer engagement and revenue.

It’s Television – Looks Are Important

You need to be able to present yourself well, in a way that is appropriate to your modern business. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to appear wearing full business attire, but you should be smart and presentable. You’ll also need to consider the way that colors and patterns can appear on television, particularly on low resolution screens. Lighter pastels or solid dark colors will work best on all resolutions, and will mean that there is no visual distraction from the content of your video branding campaign.

Prepare Your Content and Soundbites

If you’ll be taking part in a live interview, then you’ll know the duration and exactly how much content you’ll need to prepare. If your interview will be recorded and screened later, then you can expect producers to truncate a longer interview of 10 – 15 minutes to fit into their program. In most cases, a modern business showcase interview will be edited down to an average of two minutes.

This means that you’ll need to think about your video branding campaign content and rehearse your soundbites. Be succinct with your responses and make sure that every word has meaning behind it. You want to be able to convey all the important information about your brand or product, without overwhelming the viewer. Some interviewers won’t have a problem with providing the questions in advance, so find out whether this is an option by speaking to the interviewer or producer in advance.

Speak Slowly and Clearly

If it’s your video branding campaign and television interview, then you may have some initial nerves to overcome. People tend to rush their speaking with an unnatural cadence when nervous. Prepare yourself before the interview and consciously keep things slow and clear throughout the interview. You can even take note of the speed and delivery of the interview to use as a benchmark throughout the interview.

Use Body Language to Convey Sincerity and Gain Trust

Unless asked by the producer or interviewer, don’t speak directly to the camera. Maintain eye contact with your interviewer as if they are your audience. This is a simple way to show that you are sincere about your offering and your brand, and this will help to build trust with your audience, even though you’re not directly addressing them.

Preparation, Content, and Confidence is Key to a Successful Video Branding Campaign

It should be evident that a television appearance is not vastly different to print and online media, aside from the visual aspects. Strong content, confidence, and meticulous preparation will all help to ensure that your first television appearance is a success, helping to increase brand awareness and generate interest in your products or business.