How many times will headlines read “X Corporation hacked, employee and customer files were accessed?” Employers, credit bureaus and many more have seen their cyber defenses go down in flames, leaving their customers and employees vulnerable to identity theft. What can your business do to tighten cybersecurity?

Corporate Espionage

You may not be aware that most data breaches are a result of internal security breaches. But how can you protect yourself from one of your own? Fortune 500 companies often employ social engineering experts to perform “what if” scenarios. However, corporate espionage can affect any business. The first step to protect yourself is to identify what information would harm the company if lost.


Who has access to what information within your company? How much information can be accessed from one system? Your business IT network should be segmented so that not all parts are accessible from one vantage point. Not all parts of a business IT network are created equal. Some areas contain very sensitive information such as employee personal identifiers or customer credit card numbers, while other areas are simple procurement areas or other innocuous information. All this means is you want your tightest security on the most delicate information and segmenting your network is another layer of protection.


No matter what type of business you run, computers are a part of the process and that means software. Software needs regular checkups and updates to not only to run properly but also to ensure the latest security fixes are in place. As technology advances, software can quickly become outdated and susceptible to hackers. Running regular updates will help guard against this weak security point.

Find a Hacker

Do you know a hacker? Can you find a good hacker? If so, put them to work attempting to hack your systems! One of the quickest ways to enhance security is to be one step ahead of the individuals trying to break into your systems. Having your own hacker on payroll is a great way to stay ahead of the game.

Great Wall of Fire

Is your system sitting safely behind a good firewall? This is a cyber tool meant to shield your computer systems from being accessed by unauthorized or private networks. A firewall can be customized so you can make exceptions and set what data come in or go out.

Be Wary of Third-Party Access

Once your company provides third party access to its data, vulnerabilities have the ability to affect both companies. Be aware not only of your own security measures, but the measures of your business partners. And, for added security, only provide access to those who are the most critical to your business operations.

Final Thoughts

Never get comfortable and think you have all your bases covered when it comes to cyber-security. Technological advances are coming at a break neck speed and with them come constant security concerns. Securing your business network is a top priority, but more than that, it should be a constant and consistent priority. These are just a few ways you can prevent your company from getting a not so coveted spot on the six o’clock news for cyber-security problems!

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