From deep learning to wireless payment technologies, emerging technologies have changed the way that we do business and interact with the world. While it is true that technology has always been a major aspect of commerce, production, and societal advances, it has mostly been in the past two to three decades that we have witnessed paradigm shifting technologies that bring benefits on a global scale.

Emerging technologies can only be as useful as how they are applied, and here are two examples of technologies and key companies that have got it right in recent times.

Apache Spark and Big Data Interpretation

There’s no question that companies of today have more available data than ever before. This data can help to shape strategy, form marketing and brand messages, and improve the understanding of customers and how they interact with a business. Big data also allows companies to look within their own operation to discover inefficiencies, opportunities, and critical insights.

The Apache Foundation is an excellent example of an organization that has changed the way we use the petabytes of data that is collected every day. With recently developed (and continually improving) Apache Spark, companies can take large scale data sets and interpret the information using a robust API and customizable applications that can be written in popular programming languages like Java and Python. With Apache Spark implemented into a business’s big data strategy, it is possible to collect analytics that provide meaningful results, faster.

Organizations like the NASA JPL – Deep Space Network, Nokia Solutions and Networks, TrendMicro, Yahoo!, and Amazon, are already using Apache Spark to improve their day to day operations and long term strategies.

3D Printing for Rapid Prototyping and Commercial Products

3D printing is a continually developing branch of emerging technology that brings new possibilities to the fabrication of items that range from automotive parts, to consumer devices, and even prosthetics. 3D printing eliminates material waste by creating products from solid materials that are printed in layers, rather than being cast or formed by other means. Because products can be created almost immediately using CAD models, the time to develop working prototypes or even market ready products, is greatly reduced.

Companies that have invested in 3D printing are numerous and diverse. A 2014 PricewaterhouseCoopers survey found that almost two thirds of the top industrial manufacturers were already using 3D printing in R&D and production. Today, that fraction is likely to have grown significantly. Boeing uses 3D printing in the 787 Dreamliner, with over 30 individual parts used on their passenger jet. Ford is another company that heavily uses 3D printing, to create engine covers and other parts. The company claims to have cut hundreds of thousands out of their operating costs by investing in 3D printing manufacturing methods.

Bring Your Technology to The World

We’ve listed just two high profile emerging technologies, but there are countless more in development and in the early stages of deployment or commercialization.

Modern Business is ready to work with your company to bring advanced and emerging technologies to an engaged audience of entrepreneurs and business leaders in diverse industries. Whether you’re in the early stages of development, or even if you’re ready to go to market, we’d welcome working with you to showcase your latest innovations to the global business community.