When it comes to the success and the underlying profitability of any business, efficiency is critical. Businesses invest countless hours and resources into improving efficiency, often with mixed results. For any business that wants to become more efficient and even more adaptable to future change, taking a look at the market for business management solutions is a simple step that could bring profound results.


What do Business Management Solutions Do?

Business management solutions, sometimes known in industry as BMS, are software suites of varying degrees of sophistication. To qualify as an all-in- one solution, the software should be able to automate and consolidate key business functions into one software solution.


The most basic system should cover:

  • Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Help Desk & Ticketing / Customer Contact
  • Billing, Invoicing, and other areas of Accounting
  • Staff Management, including Time and Expense Tracking

By incorporating a number of functions into a single software suite, business owners, managers and executives can gain better visibility over a business, while reducing unnecessary tasks. In fact, the implementation of business management solutions can increase efficiency in most areas of the business, right down to front-line staff.


Delivering Superior Service with Better Customer Management

One of the most important benefits of fully integrated business management solutions, is the ability to keep customer relationship management records that are detailed, accurate, and easy to access. This can benefit front-line staff when interacting with customers, and the data collected can aid in reporting, and even in gathering customer insights e.g. identifying purchasing trends and other information that could help improve service delivery and product or service design.

With help desk and ticketing support, a business management solution can also become a platform for engaging with clients who have general queries, sales queries, or support queries. With everything managed from a single piece of software and stored on a single database, all of the information that is recorded will be easier to access, and can again be used to improve service delivery and internal process.


Better Project Management

For small and medium enterprises, project management is rarely implemented to the degree that it should be. The majority of projects started by SMEs will never be completed, and one of the reasons is a lack of efficient project management. More business owners now recognize the importance of project management, but even managing a small-scale project can be time consuming and complex.

With quality business management solutions, project management is built right into the software. Projects can be tracked against key deliverables and milestones. Project leaders, subject matter experts, and all stakeholders and team members will be able to access the software to provide updates and (depending on the solution) can also collaborate directly through the software.

Projects often fail because of a lack of overall visibility, unclear objectives, poor tracking of resources and workload, and communication failures. When projects are managed through business management solutions, all of these risk areas can be overcome.


Numerous Benefits That Significantly Increase Efficiency

Touching on just some of the benefits of project management solutions should already illustrate why they’re necessary in business. When considering the additional benefits of more efficient bookkeeping, staff, time and resource management, and even inventory management; there’s no good reason why any business should be without a fully integrated solution.

A number of leading business software companies offer project management solutions today, many of which are customizable software suites that can scale as a business grows or diversifies. SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions are also available, offering remote cloud storage and applications which can be accessed without the need for local deployment of software and hardware.

Any business owner looking to increase efficiency in their business in 2017, should see project management solutions as necessary for their success.


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