Social media marketing is no longer optional. Effectively promoting oneself and a business through social media brings the potential to reach a huge audience. A significant number of people in that audience might not be reachable outside of social media. Simply “doing something” isn’t enough when hoping to succeed with business social media marketing. A few strategies need to be incorporated so the process can be successful.

Seven concepts, in particular, would help the cause of increasing social media marketing success immensely.

Rely on the Right Social Media Network

Let’s get one thing straight. All social media platforms are potentially very helpful. Any and all posts or content on social media have the potential to reach a decent audience. Not every social media platform, however, is equally impacting. To simply get basic information out there, Twitter may be fine. For consistent engagement with a social media community, Facebook could be more beneficial. Choosing which specific social media platform to put the most effort into would be a good move.

Establish Smart Goals

Thinking a new social media profile can gain 100,000 followers or likes in a month would be a very difficult process. Maybe spending a ridiculous amount of promotional money could lead to such an outcome, but “ridiculous” is hardly the type of word to connect to a marketing campaign. Think about solid, measurable, and realistic goals and plan out the timeframe for achieving the timeframe. Doing so would help a business attain desirable marketing outcomes.

Solid Content Means Solid Results

Putting content up on social media reflects activity. Social media pages must be active in order to generate equal activity — and interest — from members. Active pages, ones loaded with content, draw in new followers. Of course, this is only possible when the content is stellar. Simply sharing video or blog articles only takes the social media site so far. Serious thought must go into placing engaging content on the social media site. Otherwise, the content won’t exactly do what is desired. Worse, poor content could create the opposite effect. People would be turned away.

Devise an Amazing Profile Page

Bland, dull, and boring profile pages are not exactly capable of instilling a great feeling in potential customers. Boring landing and profile pages bore people. Bored and unimpressed persons don’t exactly become enthusiastic customers. A solid landing page that presents a sharp logo and catchy slogan — combined with invigorating images and text — creates the vibrancy necessary to leave a positive impression on potential customers. A great landing page also helps with branding the business as well.

Look at What Your Competitors are Doing

Looking is not the same thing as copying, let’s get this one straight! Copycatting a competitor’s site won’t deliver the exact same results. Checking out the competitor to examine what works and what engages members could provide a great deal of information and things to ponder. Examine what works, weigh integrating general concepts, and tweaking them to be more appropriate for your page might be productive steps.

Keep Strong Tabs on Analytics

Analytics reflect “the tale of the tape” regarding the social media platform’s performance. How many visitors hit the site on a daily basis? How long do they remain on the page? Are they liking and sharing content? Even those who rely heavily on their various social media platforms for business marketing success don’t check out what the analytics are reporting. Reviewing analytics allows for sticking with what works and changing what doesn’t

Don’t Rush the Process

Everyone wants a business deemed an overnight success. Counting on such an outcome probably won’t be the best move. Exploring a deliberative process intended to see results over time makes much more sense and comes with greater chances of success.

These seven steps are a good start. Integrate them and build on them. Business marketing will be all the better.