1. Manufacturing in the United States would be the ninth-largest economy in the world, by itself! 
    Only eight other countries would rank higher in terms of their gross domestic product, and that’s including the US!1
  1. Manufacturing Provides High Paying Jobs
    Manufacturing jobs pay, on average, 9% more in wages and benefits than jobs in the overall economy2
  1. The Sixth Largest Employer in the US is Manufacturing 
    Manufacturing provides 12.3 million jobs across the country and serves as a major source of research and development2
  1. Manufacturers provide healthcare benefits at one of the highest-rates, compared to other industries.
    92% of employees in the manufacturing industry were eligible for health insurance in 2015, compared to the 79% average rate.1
  1. US Factory Orders are on the Rise.
    The New York times recently reported that orders to U.S. factories increased in February 2017 amidst surging demand for commercial aircraft.3
  1. 78% of Americans Prefer Purchasing American Made Products
    According to a recent survey by the Consumer Reports National Research center 78% of Americans prefer to buy American products, and 60% of the respondents would pay up to 10% more for products made in the US.4
  1. The States With the Highest Number of Manufacturing Employees
    Iowa, Wisconsin and Indiana boast the highest percentage of employees in the manufacturing industry, according to the US Census.

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